Yeah I know all the words. Yeah it's embarrassing
  1. "Secrets"- OneRepublic
    When the full band comes in on this jam I always throw my white girl hands in the air and belt it out
  2. "Breakeven"- The Script
    When I'm in a Safeway and I hear this track, It's hard to pretend like I don't love it. I just wanna bust out my falsetto!
  3. "Riptide"- Vance Joy
    I know none of these words. I sing it so loud anyways cause it's got everything I'm looking for- tambourine, ukulele, marble mouth singer
  4. "Southside"- Moby ft. Gwen Stefani
    No one wants to listen to this whenever I put it on but I want to listen to it so just sing the chorus with me cause you know you actually really want to.
  5. "Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
    I'm just in it for the part where she's like "Ima get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans be your teenage dream tonight" love it.
  6. "Trouble"- Coldplay
    Stabs me every time, right in my angsty heart.