Tell me again about that Dow Jones Lakshmi Singh...
  1. Jad Abumrad
    Worlds ultimate hunk- you'll never come close to stealing the top spot away from this Lebanese heart throb. Not even you, Ari Shapiro
  2. Audie Cornish
    She's got a voice to match a bangin face and you know it. I'd like to be one of all the things she considers
  3. Ira Glass
    He's got an unexpectedly handsome face that (luckily) does not match his nasally radio voice. I'd like to be this American wife, if you know what I mean.
  4. David Kestenbaum
    Receding hairline, shmashmeeding shmairline. He's got an economic nerd vibe that leaves me stuck in the orbit of his planet money