Inspired by @carey and @Nicholas also this list is mostly impossible to make. Picking just one is usually too hard with most of these artists
  1. Andrew Bird
    Simple X
  2. Bob Dylan
    Meet Me in the Morning
  3. Broken Social Scene
    Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Half)
  4. Dirty Projectors
    Useful Chamber
  5. Dr. Dog
    Where'd All The Time Go?
  6. Elvis Presley
    The Girl of My Best Friend
  7. Feist
  8. Fiona Apple
    Hot Knife
  9. Grizzly Bear
    All We Ask
  10. Led Zeppelin
    When the Levee Breaks
  11. Man Man
  12. Modest Mouse
    Grey Ice Water
  13. The National
    Pink Rabbits
  14. Paul Simon
  15. Pheonix
    Love Like A Sunset
  16. Rolling Stones
    Lovin' Cup
  17. St. Vincent
  18. Sufjan Stevens
  19. Tallest Man on Earth
    The Dreamer
  20. Timber Timbre
    Black Water
  21. Tom Petty
    Tied for first- Insider / Yer So Bad
  22. Tune Yards
  23. Velvet Underground
    Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
  24. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  25. Dire Straits
    Romeo and Juilet. Side note- this is my favorite song of all time
  26. Bon Iver
    Beach Baby
  27. The Bowerbirds
    Northern Lights
  28. Elliott Smith
    Can't Make a Sound
  29. Jenny Lewis
  30. Alabama Shakes
    Don't Wanna Fight