I have a job that really allows me to plunge deep into my thoughts. These are some
  1. What if there was an apocalypse type situation and the only ladies left to repopulate the earth all had IUDs?
    Can you get that thing outta there and get pregnant? Do you just wait and hope it stops working after a while? Is this a great plot for a movie?
  2. Will I just always feel a kind of sadness in my heart now that Mad Men is over?
    Yes. Will the feeling continue to wash over me unexpectedly as I do mundane tasks like buy 50 feet of airline hose and then make me cry a little bit? Probably.
  3. Should I get some saw dust to keep on hand incase that big earthquake hits and plumbing goes out and I need to poop in a hole in my backyard?
    Good to be prepared but maybe start with just some canned food and water?
  4. Could I truly love someone who hasn't seen Mad Men?