From the time I woke up till the time I went to sleep I kept track of every song that played in my head. It made an interesting playlist that's for sure
  1. Brass Monkey- Beastie Boys
    6:30am and I'm making coffee and singing this in my head- why? No clue
  2. Theme song from Sesame Street
    This one is another mystery- I don't even know this song very well I just had the line "can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street" going on over and over
  3. You Shook Me All Night Long- AC/DC
    I got this one going as I was cleaning out the big machine we run in the morning at work. I think the line"kept the motor clean" started and then it was a strange medley of the words I knew and the chorus repeated over and over
  4. Let's Talk About Sex Baby- Salt-N-Peppa
    Probably the strangest one of the day. No idea why or where it started but that part where they go "let's talk abouuuuuut it" was really stuck in there
  5. The Hills- The Weekend
    Probably heard this one playing on a radio at work as I walked by and it stayed around. Mostly repeating the lyrics "you only love when it's half past five" and then some general mumbling cause I don't know any of the words to this song but it sure is catchy
  6. Help Me Rhonda- The Beach Boys
    Probably someone said "help me" and this is the obvious next thing to happen I think
  7. Inside Out- Spoon
    This is just a catchy song! I think it's probably always somewhere in my head just laying in wait to jump out and make me mumble the words for a few hours
  8. Dance Yrself Clean- LCD Soundsystem
    This album has been on a lot in my house lately so it's a daily ear worm
  9. Brokedown Palace- Grateful Dead
    "Fare thee well, fare thee well" that was just on repeat for me. I've been having a little Dead phase lately
  10. Outlander theme song
    Watched it before bed, sang it and spun around my living room like a highland princess