Some new great things I have taken a shining to recently
  1. Inside Amy Schumer
    I knew I'd love it but I didn't know I'd be staying up all night to watch it without sleeping or eating or going to the bathroom or anything.
  2. "You Must Remember This"- podcast
    A half hour podcast all about the golden age of cinema and the scandals and starlets and classic films that came out of it. Every story is an edge of your seat ride told with great context and excellent wit
  3. Taking my shoes off on my lunch break
    Nothing special here. Just lettin my old dogs breathe for a half hour!
  4. The song "Don't Get Around Much Anymore"- B.B. King
    Lots have people have done this song but no one nails it quite like B.B - sad, soulful, sweet- I love it. Do yourself a favor and have a listen. RIP B.B.