It's really the best time to enjoy one of the best things in this world- being an Oregonian.
  1. The leaves changing color
    This is an obvious one but after so many sad, dry, brown months the trees turning vibrant reds, oranges and yellows is really a magical thing
  2. Rain
    Summer is dry and it makes me sad. The first real long days of nothing but rain are so revitalizing. Both plants and I come back to life
  3. Soup
    Soup season is my favorite culinary season. A big ol' pot of something boiling away on the stove, heating up the whole house is a beautiful thing
  4. Sweater weather
    I spend all of summer trying to wear as few clothes as possible because any fabric touching my skin instantly turns into a sweat rag. That's why I love the change to the cool, crisp weather of fall and the opportunity to wear pants and sweaters and layer the fuck outta my clothes
  5. Hot toddys
    Drink up! The most delicious, soul warming beverage there is
  6. Sweet potato fries and pumpkin shakes at burgerville
    If you're from Oregon or have ever come here and had a half decent host then you know about BV and you know what I'm talking about. Glory be to seasonal shakes and sweet tater fries 🙏
  7. Oregon duck football
    Every September my boys come back and ring in the fall with the glory that is college football. I love my ducks.