I'm a loose cannon!
  1. Looking through old journals
    I keep a journal and have since I was 15. In my journal I always keep a list of the books I read while writing in that particular journal. Tonight I got out my journals to try and find all the John Steinbeck works I've read and when I read them. This has now turned into me just reading old entries and lolzing at myself
  2. Drinking some homemade kombucha
    Mango flavored. Super delicious.
  3. Listening to a "Jeep's Blues" Duke Ellington spotify radio station
    Classy as hell. Sonny Rollins is doing his thing right now
  4. Eating things
    Mostly dark chocolate
  5. Looking at instagram
    Just seeing what interesting people are doing on a Friday night
  6. Fooling myself into believing that I can stay up till midnight
    How I am awake right now is a mystery
  7. Listing
    Cause I am wild and crazy