A list of some things I've recently discovered are amazing and were that way the whole time, I was just too blind/ cheap/ lazy to see
  1. Black coffee
    After some recent test results, I had to give up cows milk for medical reasons. My first thought was "Shit. How can I enjoy coffee without having cream?!" Turns out just pouring it into a cup is enough! When I need to cut the bitterness, a dollop of honey goes a long way but straight up black coffee is pretty perfect
  2. Things made of real leather
    "$10 for this leather-ish looking wallet from Target!" Is an exclamation you will have 20 times before you realize you'll be back buying another fake leather item in 6 months cause it's total crap that will fall apart. Leather is great: It lasts, it wears, it can be cleaned up nicely and it smells delicious. It's more expensive but probably not when you compare one pair of shoes versus 12
  3. Fender amps
    I always knew that the tubes in a fender tube amp were made by the nimble fingers of angles but only recently did I realize that trying to make any other amp sound as good is futile and you've just gotta go get a fender amp. I did it and it's a beautiful thing
  4. Shoes with actual arch support
    I wore a pair of old vans at first as my work shoes. After 3 months of standing all day on concrete floors, I was wondering why my knees and ankles felt so terrible. I switched to a pair of Nikes with cushion and arch support and good god what a beautiful thing it is. My feet don't hurt and I feel like I'm walking on sunshine, woah.
  5. Bringing leftovers for lunch at work
    I've realized that buying lunch is just not my jam. It's never that great and it takes all my money. But you know what's amazing? Left over grilled salmon, quinoa, and roasted veggies with a homemade dill mayo. I feel like a champ and keep all my cash for fun stuff like paying to live in my house.
  6. Sleeping an appropriate amount of time
    Yeah I COULD go to bed at 2:30am after going out for drinks and seeing some bands or whatever cool stuff is happening past 10pm and then get up at 7am and cry periodically out of pure fatigue for the rest of the day. OR I could take a bath and read my book at 9:30 and then get in bed and sleep like a champ and wake the next day without an alarm and a positive attitude!