I love pie. These are the five best pies I've ever eaten
  1. Stephens moms apple pie
    I literally cried when I ate this pie. It was the last pie my friend stephen's mom made before she moved out of their childhood home. We figured she cried while making it and her tears and love were fused into the pie to make it so good. Also we smoked a blunt before we ate it so that probably figures into this being #1
  2. My moms pumpkin pie
    My mom grows sugar pumpkins in her garden and then purées them and makes her own pumpkin filling. She is literally a wizard and the pie always delivers.
  3. Susan and Greyson's mango lime
    I spent all 4 years of college living with my soul roommate Susan (we still consider ourselves roommates in our hearts) and one time her and her boyfriend made this mango lime pie that literally blew my mind, body and soul. So refreshing
  4. Emily's strawberry rhubarb
    In college one time my girl Emily worked all day and night to make the perfect crust and perfect strawberry rhubarb filling with fresh ingredients from the farmers market. She more then succeeded with a pie that brought me to my knees
  5. Banana cream at a place in LA
    Don't remember the name of the place but I was somewhere between 13 and 16 visiting my friend @Nicholas in LA and we went to this diner and I got a slice of banana cream pie and I remember all the noise of the diner fading away and it was just me and the slice, alone in beautiful harmony.