Since Halloween has once again come and gone I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane of my favourite costumes I've worn for the spooky holiday
  1. Dorothy
    Three identically hand sewn Dorothy outfits and three pairs of sparkly red shoes made for a pretty memorable Halloween when I was 5. My two cousins and myself were all matching, braids and all. Only Toto's were missing.
  2. Uhura
    While it wasn't the best costume I created, it was fun to put together. I had the dress and the boots, and a star fleet pin made from cardboard and tinfoil.
  3. The Incredibles
    I went bowling with a group of friends and we all decided to dress up. I patched together the black and red ensemble with my hand drawn "i" logo and black mask to boot.
  4. Waldo
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    This past Halloween my two friends and I all dressed up as Waldo and it was hilarious. Our local museum was putting on an event and we spent the whole night photobombing the crowd. Though the amount of times we had people point and say "I found Waldo!" was far too many.