A collection of celebrity babes on the popular children's show Sesame Street
  1. John Krasinski and Murray
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  2. Ryan Renolds, Telly, Abby and Elmo
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  3. Lupita Nyong'o and Elmo
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  4. Benedict Cumberbatch, the Count and Murray
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  5. Amy Poehler and Elmo
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  6. Paul Rudd, Telly, Elmo, Rosita and Abby
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  7. Halle Berry and an unknown tiger
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  8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Murray
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  9. Jake Gyllenhaal and an unknown octopus
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  10. Maya Rudolph and Elmo
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  11. Mark Ruffalo and Murray.
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    Notice that Murray seems to snuggle up to the most babes.
  12. Tom Hiddleston and Cookie Monster
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  13. Mindy Kaling and Elmo
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  14. Jon Hamm and Murray.
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    I see how it is Murray. Boy, do I see how it is.
  15. One Direction and Big Bird
  16. LL Cool J and Elmo
  17. Melissa McCarthy, Elmo and unknown Penguin
  18. Zac Efron and Elmo
  19. Bruno Mars, Telly, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abbey, Grover and Rosita
  20. Seth Rogen, Elmo and cheese
  21. Ben Stiller dressed as cheese, Elmo and Telly