MadPowerBomber vs Playstation: A Top Ten List.

In an effort to write more about video games at 536 in the morning when I should be asleep, here's my top ten PlayStation (PS1) games as I remember them. Counting down from number 10. Kinda.
  1. Final Fantasy VII.
    Who didn't like this game when it came out? Although I loved it at the time as the 3D polygons on pre-rendered backgrounds took Final Fantasy to new levels of depth and exploration, I've had the same problem with this particular game as every FF before and after: limited replay value. However, the epic summons and spells gave this game a plethora of memorable moments that every other FF - even my favorite, VI - lacked.
  2. Soul Blade/Edge.
    The beginning of Namco's sometimes wonderful, sometimes bloated and stale, Soul series of fighting games. I have fond memories of this particular installment, even though the sequel, Soul Calibur, is still my favorite. Unlike it's cousin, Tekken, Soul Blade adopted in-game visuals for the character's endings instead of pre-rendered CGI FMVs. While not the first 3D fighter to have weapons based mechanics, it was definitely the more polished of the bunch.
  3. Dino Crisis 2.
    A superb improvement on the original DC game, which was more of a carbon copy of Resident Evil but with Dinosaurs, the arcade styled gameplay and combat mechanics made this one of the first video games that wasn't an arcade shooter or adventure game that I played through from beginning to end multiple times. I also loved that Capcom ditched the pre-rendered backgrounds for a more in game atmosphere, and the dinosaurs looked good for the time, though extremely dated with recent discoveries.
  4. Guilty Gear
    The first installment of a fighting game series that pushed the envelope of what could be done with 2D sprites. Using 3D rendered backgrounds, GG was able to use high-res character sprites that not many other 2D fighters could even come close to. Not even Street Fighter III. The game played effortlessly but had a difficulty about it that made most SNK fighters pale in comparison. Crazy character designs and an outrageous story and a couple of asshole bosses.
  5. Darkstalkers 3
    The fighting series Capcom forgot and introduced the more anime based sprites Capcom would begin using with Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter III. Darkstalkers premise was awesome: take all the classic monsters from film and literature (vampires, werewolves, mummies) and let them fight. Zaney, cartoonish, creepy; the third installment was an absolute blast and has one of the coolest fighting game characters ever in Jedah.
  6. Resident Evil 2
    Taking the B-Horror film aspect of the original game and pushing it even further into the horror, creepiness, and the B (shitty dialogue, campy horror notes, and an alligator in the sewers), Resident Evil 2 is the game I like to think everyone remembers when they talk about how awesome Resident Evil used to be. A complete and utter delight from beginning to end, with two solid campaigns spread across two discs. And Claire was better than Leon.
  7. Street Fighter Alpha 3
    This one was hard, because Street Fighter Alpha 2 was just as amazing. Alpha 3 had a massive roster of fighters with additions for the PS1 version that included the entire cast of SFII as well as all the new fighters introduced in the Alpha series (which included several fighters from Final Fight!). It also had a killer single player mode where you could level up your preferred fighters to near godlike levels. This was the height of Capcom's competition with Namco on the console market.
  8. Tekken 3
    This was the point when Tekken surpassed Street Fighter as my favorite fighting game franchise. With the push further into the 3D realm instead of operating on a pseudo 3D plane, Tekken 3 pushed the boundaries of what they had already established in Tekken and Tekken 2, a theme that would continue later on in the franchise. Tekken's story is absurd, the characters range from highly-plausible to ridiculous, and this was the first fighter to include a character from something else with Gon.
  9. Metal Gear Solid
    One of the most profound gaming experiences I can ever remember having. MGS took what I understood about gaming and turned it on its head without blinking an eye. From the dialogue that never let you forget you were playing a video game, to the cheesy conversations with Otacon, to the incredible boss fights, to PSYCHO MANTIS READING YOUR MEMORY CARD, this entire trip was amazing. Even the original packaging was PART of the game. Not much quite compares to a game made by Hideo Kojima.
  10. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
    Quite possibly my favorite video game of all time. My obsession with Castlevania goes back to the original on the NES, but this was the one that blew my mind. The 2D sprites are some of the best I've ever seen in any game, the gameplay was adaptable and fun - even incorporating movements from fighting games - and the game was massive, just like some of the bosses. This is the PS1 game I go back to once a year or so and play from beginning to end without a single complaint.