I did not realize the extent of how many podcasts I listen to until I made this list...
  1. Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!
    Gotta love the NPR quiz show right? Probably where I get the most of my news honestly.
  2. This American Life
    Act 1: My week just doesn't feel complete without Ira Glass. Act 2: Always love the new collection of stories each week. Act 3: I love Ira Glass
  3. TED Radio Hour
    Why listen to just one Ted talk at a time? But really, I do enjoyed the curation of the speakers and umbrella topics - provided alternative thoughts and other points to consider.
  4. Anna Faris is Unqualified
  5. Stuff Mom Never Told You
    Discussed various topics of women from every imaginable angle - like really and the range is fascinating.
  6. You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
    About 18% of the reason why I listen is to hear Pete Holmes laugh.
  7. Radiolab
    Some many gems have been discovered from listening to these episodes
  8. 2 Dope Queens
    YQY!!!!!!! Probably my favorite podcasts, you'll see me uncontrollably laughing in my car.
  9. Modern Love
    From the New York Time column of the same name, it's heartwarming, tear jerking, feel good and evokes so many emotions for all types of relationships.
  10. Stuff You Missed In History Class
    Shout out to all those people who love history! Particularly random facts that no one ever really knows.
  11. Pop Culture Happy Hour
    I love talking about pop culture but I probably love hearing people talk about it more lol
  12. How Did This Get Made?
    Absurd and hilarious dissection of the most bizarre and wtf movies. It's a good good time.
  13. Call Your Girlfriend
    Essentially it's two besties just going over events of the week and such - they're very intelligent and witty; yes I aspire to have these types of conversations with my besties
  14. You Must Remember This
    The unknown or forgotten tales of Hollywood's first century. Get lost in time with Karina Longworth. It's really fun for me especially cause I live in Hollywood - so fun facts GALORE.
  15. The Nerdist
    Once again..I just love listening to other people talk about pop culture things and it's an interview so super insightful on so many aspects
  16. the memory palace
    With Nate DiMeo. Honestly I'm entranced with his voice. But also just love these short memories of things hardly anyone has heard of. They're powerful and thoughtful.
  17. Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast
    comedy bang bang comedy bang bang comedy bang bang comedy bang bang comedy bang bang comedy bang bang comedy bang bang comedy bang bang (If you listen you get it right?) nonsensically hullabaloo
  18. Stuff You Should Know
    Sometimes it's bizarre information that could potentially be handy haha but every episode does provide interesting things you probably never knew.
  19. Myths and Legends
    I absolutely love myths, legends, fables, tales, etc. And it covers the ENTIRE globe of different cultures. Also, the way these are narrated make it even better.
  20. WOMP It Up!
    With an opening song like theirs, how could you not listen? Just listen and accept.
  21. Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin
    I wish these episodes were longer cause they really get into the topics. And common it's Alec Baldwin - don't you love hearing him talk? Cause I definitely do.
  22. Freakonomics Radio
    Everyone talks about money, cause money is related to EVERYTHING. And this podcast helps you see how it's affects to culture and blah blah blah but don't worry it's not boring haha just can't think of more things to say now at the end of this list, congrats you made it this far...
  23. Sooo Many White Guys
    I HAVENT HEARD IT YET CAUSE IT HASNT BEEN RELEASED BUT AM V EXCITED. Basically it's conversations with people who are not white dudes. I am stoked.