i mentioned this briefly in my last list (COUPLES I AM VERY HERE FOR) and @kelseyroot was interested (thank god bc i wanted to make a list anyway)
  1. okay so gwen joined the cast of "the voice" in 2014
    a show that blake is a judge on
  2. in july of 2015, blake and his ex wife miranda lambert announced their split
  3. one month later, gwen and ex husband gavin rossdale also broke up
  4. in order to drum up some publicity for "the voice", producers worked with gwen and blake's pr team to stage a fake relationship
    v common in hollywood
  5. it's good for their show so they both go along with it
  6. in the beginning, it's chill and we mostly just see them holding hands
  7. but after a while, things start to progress...
  8. gwen and blake announce their relationship in november 2015
  9. it's slowly becoming more like friends hanging out for fun rather than colleagues being forced to be seen together
  10. every picture we see now shows them all over each other, as opposed to earlier ones where they barely were touching
  11. final evidence: gwen's song "make me like you" is obviously about blake, but while most people take it as "why did you make me fall in love after i just got out of something bad?"
  12. i see it as her saying "why did you make me fall in love with you even though this was just supposed to be for the press?"
    they didn't intend to actually fall in love??
  13. in conclusion, i think about this way too much