1. muffy's scrumptious smackeroodles
    the ingredients sounded weird but the cookies looked so good AND they won the strawberry festival dessert contest
  2. that jimmy neutron candy
    it made people go crazy but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. reptar bar
    they turned your tongue green!! 🤑
  4. marge simpson's dessert dogs
    "it's deep fried cookie dough with meringue buns, cherry 'ketchup' and caramel 'mustard'"
  5. arthur's dad's leaning tower of pisa honey cake
    pretty much all food on arthur looked delicious
  6. krabby patty
    i don't even like hamburgers that much but krabby pattys look so good
  7. candy from pig's shop
    kudos to the sound editors because the sound of the candy clacking in pig's mouth made me want some soooooo bad
  8. all of cake town
    a town where there's just CAKE!?!!!!!!! 😱😍