what's a sequel to a magnum opus called? anyway, this is that
  1. lana del rey
    one of james franco's students that he's definitely sleeping with. has four sugar daddies. wears a wine bra but fills it with vodka
  2. kylie jenner
    shows up to math class with a full face of makeup. contours every part of her body. unwelcome member of the black student union
  3. nick jonas
    had an emo phase. shows up senior year suddenly hot
  4. joe jonas
    class clown. secretly gets his eyebrows done
  5. kevin jonas
    everyone thought his name was kyle. constantly corrected them but no one cared. has a thing for scarves
  6. lupita nyongo
    your french teacher. super beautiful and intelligent. always wears flowy sundresses
  7. britney spears
    hair is in a messy ponytail 82% of the time. lives in juicy couture track suits. best mom to babysit for because she has good snacks and pays well
  8. nicki minaj
    rihanna's best friend that you admire but are scared of. knows everyone's dirt but keeps it to herself
  9. amy schumer
    the history teacher who almost everyone loves but lowkey gives you bad vibes. is "just funny" enough to get away with saying offensive shit 😒