1. jennifer garner
    religious mom you babysit for. drives a mini van that is surprisingly clean. always offers you cookies but seems annoyed when you take one. lowkey hates you??
  2. john boyega
    adorable boy next door who is totally in love with you. eventually becomes your husband ❤️
  3. james franco
    english professor at your college. lots of rumors that he sleeps with his students, though they've never been confirmed. smells like whiskey and everyone thinks he's brilliant but kind of crazy
  4. gwyneth paltrow
    best frenimies with jennifer garner. married super rich and is now The Worst. brings shitty health food to bake sales. drives a range rover but talks a lot about being green
  5. rihanna
    too cool to be your friend, or so you thought. actually chill and really funny. hangs out with you when she's not going to parties
  6. miley cyrus
    her dad is a pastor and all her siblings are ideal "pastor's children". she rebelled in high school when she sold prescription pills and chopped off all her hair. she's chill and sometimes your friends buy weed from her
  7. meryl streep
    your high school drama teacher who changed your life. beloved by all of her students, but the non-drama kids make fun of her quirkiness. incredibly talented and kind
  8. gigi hadid
    mean girl from high school who you really want to fight, but don't because she'd probably kick your ass
  9. drake
    kind of a fuccboi, but you like him because rihanna dates him on/off
  10. taylor swift
    tells everyone she's "so awkward" but is actually extremely popular. kind of a bitch. wears cowgirl boots to prom