(inspired by @theRealKellyCoyle) *i used pictures from how i remembered them*
  1. drake bell
    my first actual celebrity crush. fell in love when he sang on the amanda show; fell further in love watching him on drake and josh; fell level 100 in love with him after i bought his album it's only time
  2. joe jonas
    was a vegetarian for a few weeks, until my friend told me joe liked girls who he could eat cheeseburgers with. also he said if he had a daughter he'd name her madison which i decided was proof i was going to marry him
  3. robert pattinson
    only crush on this list i still have a crush on. i owned lots of stuff with his face (as edward cullen) on it. still use my edward cullen jewelry box
  4. zac efron
    high school musical is still one of my favorite movies, which means i definitely had a crush on zefron at some point. i had a premiere party for hsm2 (not the most embarrassing part of this sentence amazingly) which featured a game of "pin the lips on zac efron", where we hung up a poster of him and tried to pin lip cutouts on his. i still have a wall decal of him in my room, but he lives in the closet (😉) and has pushpins for nipples