(inspired by @xtineengels)
  1. austin and vanessa
    vanessa hudgens is one of my all time favorite celebs and her and austin are 😍
  2. brad and angie
    THE celebrity couple tbh? like when i hear "celebrity couple" my mind instantly goes to brangelina. plus the way they raise their kids ❤️
  3. chris and anna
    headline: two very funny people make a very adorable baby!
  4. blake and gwen
    the most unlikely celeb couple to ever win my heart. if you ever want to hear my conspiracy theories about how they got together let a bitch know
  5. rob and fka twigs
    probably the coolest couple around. i'm still lowkey in love with him so i'm happy he's with someone as amazing as fka twigs (ps their babies would be the most beautiful children to walk the earth)
  6. sacha and isla
    a chill yet beautiful couple who seem super in love. here for it
  7. steve and nancy
    comedy couple icons?? also true forbidden love on the office as michael and carol
  8. rob and blac chyna
    i feel like she's done more for him in the past two months than anyone in his family has in the past four years. plus the engagement pic ❤️💍