featuring a cringe rating; 😬=mild cringe, 😖=medium cringe, 😫=massive cringe, 😨=mega cringe
  1. 7th grade: created an elaborate series of code names for my crush, his friends, and his girlfriend
    not all that weird. a good way to talk about people with your friends. CRINGE RATING: 😬
  2. 7th grade: broke into his locker and stole an old homework assignment
    why did i do this? this is actually a little scary?? perhaps even more frightening is that i'd sniff his jacket. CRINGE RATING: 😨
  3. 7th grade: called his house to hear him say "hello?" and then promptly hung up
    look, i was dealing with my first major crush in 7th grade and clearly didn't know how to handle it. still creepy though. CRINGE RATING: 😫
  4. 7th grade: hid his girlfriend's picture in his locker by pushing it to the bottom
    apparently i had no boundaries at age 12?? CRINGE RATING: 😫
  5. 7th grade: replied to his facebook status (a quote from the wedding singer, which i have never seen) by quoting the next line (had to google it)
    i thought i was being cute but he deleted my comment which i'm still bitter about tbh!! like i was crazy but i didn't know i was crazy. to quote homer simpson, "but you know what? at least I'm out there trying new things!" CRINGE RATING: 😖
  6. 7th grade: actually used the line "hey do you like that youtube channel fred? can I get your email to send you a video link?"
    so many things about this. what a year 2009 was. CRINGE RATING: 😬
  7. 8th grade: posted "romantic" song quotes as facebook statuses
    we all did this right? CRINGE RATING: 😬
  8. 10th grade: rigged a secret santa so my crush would get me
    more clever than crazy, but not without its vaguely creepy factor. CRINGE RATING: 😖
  9. 10th grade: as soon as i got my secret santa present i googled it to see how much it cost (because we had a $10 limit and i was hoping he pulled a michael scott)
    it was $20 for the record, but as my friend pointed out, it was probably regifted to me (it was a dancing santa). CRINGE RATING: 😬
  10. and that's when i stopped being crazy about guys 👍🏻