+πŸ€– for staying on theme; +🌟for originality
  1. β€’
    brie larson
    love love LOVE the structure and material of this dress!! +πŸ€– +🌟
  2. β€’
    nothing to do with the technology theme, but the subtle pastels are stunning +🌟
  3. β€’
    jourdan dunn
    very techy; not a very unique angle. but the whole look is still amazing and one of my very favorites of the evening +πŸ€–
  4. β€’
    bee shaffer
    tbh i have no idea who she is, but i love this dress! not sure what it has to do with technology though!
  5. β€’
    amber heard
    a terrifying aussie video does a wardrobe good! her hair is perfect and she looks stunning, but this look has been done 1000000 times (and for a good reason- it's classic and looks good on everyone)
  6. β€’
    do i love it or hate it? i'm not sure so onto the favorites list it goes! very chic, but that bob is ?? bonus points for being on theme and not wearing a silver dress +πŸ€– +🌟
  7. β€’
    nicole kidman
    the queen of the night, we all agree, right? i wish this could've been my senior prom dress +🌟
  8. β€’
    rose byrne
    GORGEOUS!! that material is super shiny and that champagne color is dreamy
  9. β€’
    kendall jenner
    so modern and simple. kind of looks 3D printed?? +πŸ€– +🌟
  10. β€’
    emma watson
    does she ever not look like a queen?? gets extra points for wearing a dress made from recycled water bottles +πŸ€– +🌟 +♻️
  11. β€’
    rita ora
    silvery feathered perfection. stunning!! +πŸ€– +🌟
  12. β€’
    zayn and gigi hadid
    honestly i was waiting for the entire night for someone to pull out all the stops and wear robot parts (arms, legs, helmet, w/e). so happy it was my man zayn!! gigi looks great but her dress isn't anything new, and i love when guys go outside of the black tux look +πŸ€– +🌟