1. lizzie mcguire
    commonalities: awkward, clumsy, weird around cute guys, love of crimped hair
  2. cher horowitz from clueless
    commonalities: picky about boys, love of makeup and fashion, smarter than we seem, well-intentioned, desire to give people makeovers
  3. kiki from kiki's delivery service
    commonalities: determined, love of cats, friendly, helpful, believe in kindness
  4. liz lemon
    commonalities: star wars fanatic, weird about food, funny, love of organization, sarcastic
  5. annie from bridesmaids
    commonalities: sensitive, dramatic, tries hard to be a good friend but is often outshined by someone else, stubborn, love of baking {note: i've gone through kind of similar situations like the ones in the movie so i really relate to annie}
  6. pam beesly
    commonalities: fondness of art, ISFJ, drawn to funny guys, self conscious in glasses, love of pranks
  7. lisa simpson
    commonalities: reader, mature for age, intelligent, animal lover, feminist