1. pepsi blue
    will i ever get over my love for pepsi blue? probably not
  2. rugrats ice cream cookie sandwiches
    i forgot about these till all of five minutes ago when they popped up in an image search and the memory of what they tasted like came back to me?? a moment truly
  3. shrek eggo waffles
    eaten before heading off to fifth grade
  4. heinz purple and green ketchups
    and they were horrible shades of purple and green too
  5. handi-snacks apple dippers
    seriously these were so good but they were discontinued because i think i was the only kid who actually liked them. it was graham crackers dipped in applesauce, BUT THE APPLESAUCE WAS SO GOOD. it tasted a million times better than regular applesauce. sigh
  6. homer's cinnamon donut cereal
    the best cereal. we have a box in our basement but it's old and a collectible i guess??
  7. cap'n crunch choco donuts
    apparently i was really into donut themed cereal
  8. sprink'lins yogurt
    each packet of sprinkles was a "mystery", and the coveted color changing packet made your yogurt purple
  9. berry berry mix cereal
    i'm pretty sure i only had this a few times but the taste of it is very memorable for some reason??
  10. chiclets tiny size gum
    they were so small!! why is it that when you shrink food down it tastes better?
  11. hi-c sour blast
    the straw was coated with sugar and citric acid. delightful!
  12. nestle wonder ball
    my mom (@theRealKellyCoyle) would always pick me up a wonder ball and a disney adventures magazine in the checkout line