1. 10th birthday
    never mix your different friend groups together people. at least not at your birthday party sleepover. two of my friends from different groups abandoned the party to hang out in my backyard where they broke one of my just-opened presents. my quiet friend played animal crossing on her DS under a blanket the whole night. not a success
  2. 6th birthday
    the most 90s birthday party ever took place at caesarland (think little caesar's and chuckie cheese mixed together). my mom did face painting and made me a rad lizzie mcguire cake
  3. 5th birthday
    attempted to have my whole kindergarten class at chuckie cheese, but only three kids showed up. one ate most of the cake
  4. 13th birthday
    my mom and her best friend and her family and i went to nyc for a week. we stayed at a really posh hotel. saw emma roberts smoking and swearing on the set of a movie. went to the wax museum (fuck moma, madam toussad's is where the real art is) and rode in the ferris wheel inside the toy store. toured nbc studios. my best birthday