still love them tho
  1. sleepover was what we watched at every sleepover (duh). steve carell plays a weirdo cop who spits in ur drink
  2. i watched this at my aunt's after she bought it on a whim and when it ended she told me to keep it. mostly just remember the scene where colin firth and amanda bynes butter their toast the same way
  3. as a kid i was obsessed with hilary duff and saw anything she was in on principle. they play this on oxygen all the time now so i tried to watch it and mostly cringed the whole time. the best part is when sam tells austin that waiting for him is like waiting for rain in the drought and THEN IT RAINS
  4. holy shit twilight. i was massively into twilight and seeing this movie in theaters was a magical experience. my mom and i have a running joke that whenever any twilight movie is on tv, we have to watch it for a little bit even if we don't want to