(inspired by @EmmaA)
  1. lolita
    yeah i know!! but it's so pretty, all weirdness aside!!
  2. aphrodite
    she would have a shit time learning to spell her name and envy the susans and emilys
  3. papaya
    like a cooler, hipper "apple"
  4. brangelina
    just to keep em on their toes and know that if they split a child's name is at stake
  5. sailor
    i mean
  6. rihanna
    a big name to fill; i would never put a non-celebrity child up to such a task
  7. aesthetic
    would call him "my aesthetic"
  8. bear
    isn't this the guy who lives nakedly in the forest?
  9. kiki
    will most likely reserve for middle name or future pet
  10. matte
    pronounced like "matt", but with a more relevant spelling