1. paczkis
    these are at the top of my list because i'm eating one right now. what is a paczki, you ask? paczkis (pronounced poonch-key) are polish donuts with a variety of fillings that you eat on fat tuesday (even if you aren't catholic). they're super dense and rolled in sugar, which means they are delicious. the best store bought paczkis come from either meijers or quality dairy. they remind of me being in catholic school.
  2. the great lakes and their beaches
    i love going to lake michigan with people who've never been because they always go, "this is a lake?!?!" our lakes look like oceans! the photo is of a town called holland which has an amazing beach. my friends and i road tripped their over the summer and it was totally perfect.
  3. map = hand
    it's really convenient to tell someone where you're from because you just have to point to your hand
  4. minimal crazy weather
    my mom always says this is one of her favorite things about living here; we rarely get anything too bad, weather wise
  5. land diversity
    corn fields, forests, beaches, swamps, dunes... i could go on.
  6. autumn
    there's lots of trees here, so autumn is really beautiful
  7. superman ice cream
    i was shocked to learn other places didn't have this. i can't really describe the flavor, because no one knows what it actually is.
  8. the infamous michigan left
    people who aren't from michigan fucking hate the michigan left, which is pretty much the only reason i like it. most michiganders are indifferent, but it boosts my driving confidence to hear people who have been driving a lot longer than i have say how hard and confusing they are