(it's the simpsons)
  1. the new seasons
    they ain't good
  2. more specifically:
  3. the over HD-ed-ness of it all
    does that make sense?? like the lines are literally too crisp. i hate this style so much
  4. the lack of time that's put into the actual animation
    a comparison between the same movement made by marge in recent episodes versus classics.
  5. the horrendous dialogue
    sometimes i catch the end of an episode before bob's burgers comes on and it's painful
  6. this
    it hurts me to even put this atrocity on one of my precious lists
  7. (bonus reaction to how i felt after this crossover)
  8. okay moving on from new seasons
    which i pretend are another show :~)
  9. i really hate whenever homer strangles bart
    it's not funny, it's never been funny
  10. itchy and scratchy bits
    i like the concept and i like what they do with them (itchy and scratchy land, the itchy and scratchy and poochie show) and i like the whole parody of disney they do but i just don't like cartoon violence (or violence in general tbh)
  11. i mainly just got hyped up to write this after seeing another bart being strangled scene
  12. but realized i have little fuel regarding the classic episodes
  13. basically I really really love the simpsons