Requested by @alexim
(in no particular order) ft. one of my favorite quotes from the episode
  1. homer loves flanders
    "nacho, nacho man! i want to be a nacho man!"
  2. two bad neighbors
    "if they don't think george bush will go into the sewer... they don't know george bush."
  3. you only move twice
    "hey, look at my feet. you like those moccasins? look in your closet; there's a pair for you. don't like them? then neither do i! get the hell outta here! ever see a guy say goodbye to a shoe?"
  4. lisa vs. malibu stacy
    "millions of girls will grow up thinking that this is the right way to act; that they can never be more than vacuous ninnies whose only goal is to look pretty, land a rich husband, and spend all day on the phone with their equally vacuous friends talking about how damn terrific it is to look pretty and have a rich husband!"
  5. summer of 4 ft. 2
    "like, you know, whatever."
  6. homer vs. the 18th amendment
    "tuck in that shirt! get those shoes shining! take that badge out of your mouth! you're police officers!"
  7. lisa's wedding
    "did you see the loom? i took loom in high school!"
  8. i love lisa
    "look in the tunk. i think he means 'trunk'."
  9. lard of the dance
    "the thing about huckleberries is, once you've had fresh, you'll never go back to canned." {principal skinner walks by} "nuh, um ... uh, so anyway, i kicked the guy's ass." {principal skinner nods and leaves} "now, if the berries are too tart, i just dust them with confectioner's sugar."
  10. lisa the beauty queen
    "what a feeling! I'm as happy as a smoker taking that first puff in the morning!"
  11. honorable mentions
    lisa's first word, new kids on the blecch, e-i-e-i (annoyed grunt), grade school confidential, bart vs. australia, who shot mr. burns (pt 1 and pt 2), homer the heretic, bart on the road, bart gets famous, the two mrs. nahasapeemapetilons, home sweet homediddly-dum-doodily, lisa the vegetarian, 22 short films about springfield, homer the great, and maggie makes three