if ya don't know her (you should), marina and the diamonds is one of the most thoughtful and brilliant female artists at the moment. with each album, she undertakes a new fashion sense and they're all amazing
  1. the family jewels era
    defined by cartoony prints, food/animal themed outfits, bright colors, big sunglasses, overall casual feel
  2. Static
    the iconic hippo dress
  3. Static
    this is so posh but also not
  4. Static
    the corn dress!! such a look
  5. Static
    truly a status symbol
  6. Static
    back when marina was a posh goth
  7. the electra heart era
    defined by hair ribbons, pastels, faux fur, 50s inspired pieces, and the iconic black heart painted on her cheek
  8. Static
    silk pajamas and lace gloves? yes okay!!
  9. Static
    you can't see them but her nails during this era were always fabulous and here they were mint green with daisy appliqués
  10. Static
    the colors here are soooo gorgeous
  11. Static
    these look like barbie sunglasses and it's amazing
  12. Static
    this is towards the end of electra heart, when marina became a brunette and started to drift from the classic electra looks. still so perfect though
  13. the froot era
    defined by glamorous pieces, over the top everything, dark wavy hair, and latex
  14. Static
    one of her best looks. this got marina on the fashion radar in 2015
  15. Static
    the froot era is such a look because it is ridiculously over the top and glam for every day. like a romper and sunglasses for a casual outing? yeah. but a sequin romper and massive sunglasses? YES
  16. Static
    marina's stage wear for froot has been more out there and costumey than any of her other eras. it's so artsy and weird and glam
  17. Static
    lots of shiny fabrics in this era
  18. Static
    classic cuts and wavy hair but still a little bananas somehow