1. when i was in fifth grade one of my classmate's dads was an art historian
    or a professor of some kind? this was ten years ago it's gonna be foggy
  2. he came and did a presentation for our class about... art?? or something
  3. he made major bank and apparently his time was valuable but he came for free because his son was in my class
  4. our teacher had us make him thank you cards in return for his time
  5. since he was really smart (and artsy?? i cannot remember what he did) i wanted to impress him with a really grown up type card
  6. also in fifth grade, my drake bell obsession was at its peak after i got his album "it's only time"
    (it's actually really good btw)
  7. one song in particular, called "rusted silhouette", was very ~poetic~ and i considered myself very deep and mature for liking it
  8. wanting him to see me as a grown up, i decided to write some of the song's lyrics on his card
  9. i wrote/plagiarized the following:
  10. "a rusted silhouette, embracing burning filament. a brush with synergy, you come back all delirious. it seems so clear it wouldn't really matter anyway."
  11. i edited out some of the lyrics and deemed this my own poem
    i also added a drawing of a lightbulb with a burnt out filament for some context
  12. i thought nothing of it and turned in my card
  13. the next day my classmate pulls me aside and tells me his dad loved my card and the poem i wrote
  14. i'm torn because i want to tell the truth but i also want to receive praise
    an internal debate i will have many more times
  15. so i talk my way around calling it my own poem and say some bullshit about "rearranging the words and adding a few of my own"
  16. he goes "so basically you wrote it?"
  17. me:
  18. months pass, life goes on
  19. at an end of the year party, classmate's mom runs into me and tells me how she read the poem i wrote and how it's so beautiful and that i'm very smart
  20. me, before power walking away:
  21. YEARS pass
    i'm literally in high school
  22. classmate and i went to different middle schools but the same high school
  23. he's in my spanish class
  24. he comes up to me and we briefly chat and it's all fine
  25. until he says
  26. "you know, my dad has the poem you wrote framed on his desk."