1. stuffed animals
    not only do i refuse to get rid of any, but i'm constantly buying/getting new ones
  2. strawberry milk
    for some reason chocolate milk is fine but strawberry milk isn't??
  3. believing in magic
    genuinely believe there is real magic out there
  4. going to pieces when i see any animal
    even in places where i'm expecting them, like in my own home
  5. barbies
    i fucking love barbie. every now and then i dig some out and legitimately play with them
  6. believing in santa
    a little part of me is always gonna look out for flying reindeer on christmas eve
  7. american girl anything
    dolls? the magazine? the general lifestyle? yes please.
  8. watching cartoons
    mainly 90s stuff for the nostalgia factor
  9. cereal clearly aimed at children
    cocoa krispies, cap'n crunch, lucky charms, apple jacks, fruity pebbles... i could go on
  10. pretending to be a mermaid who must make sense of the human world when i go to the beach