a dumb stupid guy who i've lowkey liked since the eighth grade who i literally haven't seen in like a year
  1. *note: if my life was a tv show the relationship between me and this guy would be SUCH a will they or won't they type deal*
    okay for like some of middle school and all of high school it would've been
  2. the song bruises by chairlift
    he told me it reminded him of me and i just listened to it for the first time in a long time and it made me feel 🙃
  3. this 'the killers' t shirt i think i still have
    literally bought it just to impress him. ps it worked when i wore it to school he complimented me in like ten seconds of taking my coat off
  4. roller skating rinks
    how 00's. his friends kept pushing him into me while we were skating
  5. ed helms
    he looks and dresses and talks and acts like ed helms. annoying bc i can't watch the office and not think about him
  6. lord farquad
    he played him in our school musical (lol hope he doesn't see this bc now i've 100% given it away)
  7. okay well that's enough embarrassment for one night 😬