(inspired by @gwcoffey)
  1. brown rice with butter and lots of pepper
    my grandma made me this everyday for lunch during the summer months. she'd offer to make me something else but i always wanted rice
  2. bologna and mayo sandwiches on "pokey bread"
    my mom would buy this specialty bread from the grocery store bakery that came in little rolls and had four spikes on top. i never knew the name so i called it pokey bread. it basically elevated any fillings (even bologna)
  3. hot orange juice
    i loved to drink hot beverages as a kid for some reason. my favorite was hot orange juice, which i drank out of a sippy cup. i still get cravings for this and it's really soothing if you have a sore throat
  4. fruit by the foot
    i feel weird eating this in public
  5. blue kool aid popsicles
    blue kool aid poured into an ice cube tray, covered in saran wrap, and stuck with a toothpick before going in the freezer. i was nearly addicted to blue kool aid in general, and refuse to try it now out of concern that i will become obsessed with it again and lose all my teeth
  6. twist strawberry kiwi soda
    they actually don't make these anymore, but it was an all natural soda my grandparents sold at their health food store
  7. pocky
    mainly the strawberry one
  8. lemon sorbet
    the kind they have at sporting events? my grandma used to also make it for me from scratch and serve it in a hollowed out lemon
  9. french toast sticks and syrup from the cafeteria
    the BEST lunch they served at elementary school that everyone was crazy about. my class had the latest lunch so we always got the leftovers too