to be continued
  1. hiking in new places
  2. coffee
  3. big sweaters
  4. Christmas
  5. Puppies
  6. cats purring
  7. rainbows
  8. Sea glass
  9. the way that your hair feels after being in the salty ocean
  10. mermaids
  11. sleeping in on rainy mornings
  12. the feeling you get when you get a new pet
  13. sand under your bare feet
  14. glitter
  15. leaves changing color in the fall
  16. fluffy warm towels straight from the dryer
  17. the feeling of the sun on your skin
  18. the purity of young children
  19. knowing that you made somebody you care about proud
  20. being trusted
  21. sushi
  22. clear nights when all the stars are visible
  23. Charity
  24. old photo albums
  25. music
  26. the sound of laughter
  27. people watching
  28. accepting yourself
  29. feeling beautiful
  30. kissing
  31. knowing you have a bunch of people you can fall back on
  32. foggy mornings
  33. Ice cream
  34. succeeding in something that you worked very hard for
  35. reuniting with somebody after being apart for a long time
  36. saltwater pools