Fav Television Characters

Television is one of my favorite things ever. I'd like to honor those characters who make those shows what they are.
  1. Liz Lemon- 30 Rock
    Good god lemon. Liz is so relatable plus a smart talented lady, brava Tina Fey. You are an American treasure!
  2. Tracy Jordan- 30 Rock
    Tracy! It's impossible not to love him. He has some of the funniest lines! A character in a world all of his own. 30 Rock is full of memorable characters
  3. Louise Belcher- Bobs Burgers
    The nine year old I'd love to be but the little girl I'd hate to babysit.
  4. Jesse Pinkman- Breaking Bad
    Because only in television can a drug dealer, meth smoker be as beautiful as Jesse.
  5. April Ludgate- Parks & Rec
    Everything April says and feels... SAME!
  6. Charlie Kelly- It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    In a group full of assholes Charlie is the most innocent and likable. Nothing will ever top Charlie's musical Nightman Cometh
  7. James Cook- Skins
    Cookie! He can be a little too intense but his hearts in the right place. Cook holds a special place in my heart
  8. Effy Stonem- Skins
    Mysterious and beautiful... Part of me wants to be just like Eff. She should have picked Cook tho! "That effy smile this says 'you don't know me and you never will' "
  9. Chris Miles- Skins
    Chris! He didn't deserve the end he got! One of the funniest characters of all the seasons of Skins! Fuck it for Chris
  10. Dr. Spaceman - 30 Rock
    "Umm diabetes repair?" Perfectly written character & Chris Parnell kills
  11. Ari Gold - Entourage
    Ari fucking gold. He is the most lovable asshole on television. "Incase your ears are fucked, get the fuck out"