About Me

Because I'm looking for a roommate and am trying to figure out what to say about myself to others
  1. I'm a singer and a songwriter! I play guitar, piano, ukulele and mandolin and plan on bringing at least my guitar with me to college:)
  2. I mainly listen to indie/ alternative music, but am always open to hearing new stuff. Some of my favorite artists include The Front Bottoms, Bon Iver, Sky Ferreira, The Strokes, The Walkmen, Super Movies, and The Killers. I could go on about music for a while haha
  3. Though I don't plan on studying Theatre, I definitely plan on doing Paupers Players and love musical theatre especially.
  4. Love art, literature (bukowski and Plath especially), and photography
  5. I'm a feminist and enjoy being involved in the political climate. Also a firm believer in body positivity
  6. Intended English major with a possible double major in French or Journalism (s'il vous plaît être mon ami d'étude)
  7. Insta and twitter: @madspennington