Inspired by leila Wilhelm: the characters from books, movies and tv shows that I've wanted to be like over the years
  1. Violet Harmon- AHS
    Problematic Ik; but a wardrobe full of free people clothes, devil-may-care attitude, and cute (though terribly problematic) boyfriend. Yes.
  2. Little J- Gossip Girl
    She was just so cool and was completely killed by the writers with her ending but it's chill.
  3. Veronica- Heathers
    She. Is. Everything.
  4. April- Palo Alto
    Slightly misguided but damn yeah
  5. Massive Block- The Clique series
    She was my idol in middle school, down to the flavored lip gloss, Bermuda shorts and knee socks, and gold charm bracelet.
  6. Vanessa Doofenshmirtz
    My angst idol
  7. Wendy- Peter Pan
    She literally got to fly off with a hot young dude to a magical island with mermaids and fairies