Books I Almost Bought at Target Today

I occasionally browse the book shelves at Target to get an idea of what books people in the world are actually buying. These are the ones I picked up and considered.
  1. The Goldfinch
    I've heard that people either love or hate this book. No in-between.
  2. One Thousand White Women
    Not sure about the whole set up of this one, but I'm a sucker for an American West story.
  3. The Fortune Hunter
    I've picked up this author's first book (the American Heiress), read the synopsis, and then put it down so many times it's sad. But this one sounded more compelling to me.
  4. The Witches: Salem 1692
    Non-fiction. I've had a strong interest in the witch-hunts and the cultural elements that contributed to them since I was in middle-school. I'll read anything, fiction or non, based on them. I bought this one.