Books I Intended to Read in March (but Didn't)

Because March was the longest, most stressful month of my life (in recent memory, anyway).
  1. The stack on my nightstand
  2. The Conscious Bride
    I'm getting married in just under two months. A friend recommended this to me, but flipping through, it seems mostly about how "all of the stress and tension is really about the loss of your identity." Weird.
  3. 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl by Mona Awad
    I ordered this straight from the Penguin Random House newsletter. Being a sucker for a bold title and good jacket copy, phrases like " skewers image-obsessed culture" and "powerfully humanizing" and "sly humor" are no brainers. I am looking forward to reading it... Someday.
  4. The Quick by Lauren Owen
    My fiancé bought this for me, knowing my love for historical fantasy. Blurb from Deborah Harkness didn't hurt. I've enjoyed the cover design all month long.
  5. The Telling by Jo Baker
    I picked this one up because Baker's "Longbourn" was one of my favorite reads last year. Odd thing though: I didn't REMEMBER purchasing the book when I was last at Barnes and Noble because I picked it up again and carried it around the store, with the full intention of buying it (again). Something made me put it back, and when I got home, there it was. So yeah, this seems to be a book cursed with "it can wait syndrome".
  6. Wanna guess which books are on my April To-Read List?