The things I take seriously. Usually in areas where other people tell me that I think too much or that this nonsense doesn't really matter, so just "chill." Well I proudly have no chill. And I take that seriously.
  1. Theater
    This is the primary means through which I engage the world. Do not trivialize it or mock it with your ignorant assumptions. And do not demean it with your thoughtless and ill-considered work.
  2. Genre fiction, film, tv.
    These are the prime methods through which the vast majority of our society interacts with the art of storytelling. All of your high-toned memoirs and literary fiction be damned. Genre is what most people take in to their lives and carry around with them. Give it serious consideration.
  3. Fantasy & Imagination
    Whether in art or in our own internal lives, the functions of fantasy and imagination intrigue me.
  4. Answering questions
    I take this very seriously when posed a question. My instinct is to answer honestly and effectively (but I try for kindly). I'm extremely earnest and tend to assume that questions are posed in good faith. When I discover that the questioner was being facetious or flippant, I am VERY ANNOYED. (Unless they've successfully used the question as satire or rhetorical device- then I admire their skill.)
  5. Asking questions
    Asking questions - and asking better and better questions- is at the core of my approach to art and life. When I ask a question, it has usually been mulled over for a bit and it is usually seeking more information or perspective to consider. As such, I don't tend to respond well to flippant, obvious, or dismissive responses.
  6. My obsession with point of view.
    Dealing with POV means being able to be sensitive to where everyone in the situation stands and how they might feel and think, even when you don't agree with them or entirely understand. It also means understanding when my own POV is not the one taking center-stage right now.
  7. Spontaneity, courage, emotional honesty
    I'm not really good at these all the time, but I'm attracted to these in others, in performance, and in life. They stir me to experience my own inner world more clearly.
  8. How others perceive my competence
    Probably my most ego-driven area. I'm not brilliant at everything, but the things I know I'm very good at - I don't like it when they aren't acknowledged or given consideration.
  9. Nuanced thinking
    I'm increasingly frustrated with people who won't engage in complexity. It seems like they just want to stay stupid.
  10. Adulting
    I've been a pretty slow bloomer in terms of life-development. So being as much of a grown up as possible is important to me. (And part of Adulting is knowing when to let yourself stay a bit of a kid - but just a bit).
  11. Seeing the world with as few illusions as possible, while still seeing its potential.
    Realism and progress are not mutually exclusive. Pragmatism with a clear purpose gets a lot done.
  12. Balancing kindness and generosity of spirit with honesty and self-preservation.
    It can't be one side or the other in my life, so I'm serious about trying to understand which is needed and making those choices.
  13. Knowing myself
    Seeing myself, my strengths, my flaws, my past, present, and future as clearly as possible. That also goes for knowing that there are parts of myself that are shadowy, even to me.
  14. Being the fearless protagonist of my own life.
    Given my obsession with POV, getting fully on-board the Heather-train and making things happen for my own life has been...well... fraught. Trying to take that nonsense more seriously.
  15. Insight.
    All of this pretty much boils down to my seeking insight into the world, humans, myself and how we all work in relation to one another. That's what I love and that's the nonsense I take seriously.