My chap is good with a witticism, but not so good at tweeting them.
  1. It is such pleasure to go to the theatre and be superficial and fake when those on stage must be earnest and real. #jaguarbennettsays
  2. "Even the Great Cthulhu is just an ordinary guy who's trying really hard." On playing villains #jaguarbennettsays
  3. Fresno is a city with no past and no future. Is there a more existential place? #jaguarbennettsays #waitingfortheno
  4. #JaguarBennettSays most existential crises can be solved by simply getting a grip on yourself.
  5. #jaguarbennettsays Fresno is the world's largest open-air insane asylum.
  6. #JaguarBennettSays I can't think of a single phrase more depressing than "Fresno hipster".