This is Big Kitty. She was my grandparents' cat. I adopted her after they died when she was 2 years old. 12 years later she's still hanging around, enjoying her retirement on window sills.
  1. Her first photo taken in retirement
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    We lived in Dinuba for 8 years and she was surrounded by other cats. She hated it. This was the first pic of her taken at her first favorite window where she could sit in peace.
  2. Snuggling in peace
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    This is a dress I had worn out the night before. She's a dirty laundry snuggler.
  3. New fave window perch
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    In our current apartment - this window gives her a view of a bush where she can yell at birds, of the yard where she can yell at other cats (she still hates them), and a view of the street where she can yell at us when we return from work.
  4. Favorite pastime.
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    Preventing Jag from reading.
  5. 2nd favorite view
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    In the morning she prefers the view from the screendoor
  6. 3rd favorite view
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    Better for guarding against trespassers like other cats and the mail carrier (she also hates the mail carrier)
  7. Today's pic
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    The light shifts in the autumn and she's permanently in loaf position.