Things I've Been Doing Since I Last Posted on Thelistapp

I last posted the day before my birthday. It has been six weeks.
  1. Watched @krissybell76 give an terrific encore performance of The Amish Project
    The post show Q&A was awesome and connecting and we made our money back!
  2. Nagged my fiancé about writing the comedy set he was performing in a week for the Haydell Sisters Christmas Show.
  3. Got super sick with the flu.
  4. Went to Dickens Fair while high on DayQuil and whiskey. In costume, of course.
  5. Nagged my fiancé about the solo 30 minutes he needed to finish writing for his Boxing Day show.
    He was headlining. I was freaking out.
  6. Bought a new car to replace the one we nearly died in on December 3rd.
  7. Christmas.
  8. Decided I needed to separate my fiance's public humiliations from my own ego.
  9. Ran box office and tech on my fiance's Boxing Day show.
    Which was SRO and he performed flawlessly. Damn him.
  10. Went to Mike and Jen's NYE party.
  11. Confirmed ten more vendors and three more stage acts for the FCC Faire in March.
  12. Wrote new promo guidelines for Fringe performers at Rogue Festival in March.
  13. Listened to my fiancé complain about his back pain for a week.
  14. Gained three new clients for my PR services.
    My side hustle is growing.
  15. Went to Tiffany's Armenian Christmas party in LA and then to the Peterson Automotive Museum
  16. Did all the housework and cooking because of fiancé and his back pain.
  17. Decided to do an Unrehearsed Shakespeare event in April.
  18. Forced my fiancé to see a doctor and a chiropractor for his back pain.
    He scored some good drugs which puts him to sleep ASAP so at least I don't have to listen about his back pain. Now he has to do silly exercises every morning and I hear all about those.
  19. Booked the wedding photographer.
    Paid the photographer, the baker, and the florist off in full for the May wedding.
  20. Helped start a JASNA group in Fresno and built the website and full social campaign in five days.
    Jane Austen Society of North America.
  21. Updated the websites for PERC, Rogue, FCC, and wedding.
    For a Regency dance, a performing arts festival, a Ren faire, and my nuptials respectively.
  22. Updated my task lists hourly.
  23. Worked full-time at my day-job
  24. Nagged my fiancé about the 60 minute 1 man show he has to write, rehearse and perform in five weeks.
  25. Wrote a proclamation for the City Of Fresno to announce a Rogue Fucking Festival Day.
    I kind of really do wish they'd call it that.
  26. Sent 1045 emails
    Literally. Doesn't count FB messages and texts.
  27. Finally finished Jessica Jones.
  28. Took up drinking. Heavily.
  29. On the To Do List: Learn to say No again.