All summed, it was nearly a draw today.
  1. Me: rubbed stinky tiger balm on his sore shoulder
  2. He: Got up and fed the cat so I could sleep more
  3. HE Made breakfast
  4. Me: Took his clean trousers out of the dryer, folded and put them away.
  5. He: Took my clean clothes out of the dryer for me
    No, he didn't fold them, but still...
  6. He: Went to the office and printed out a script I forgot about yesterday
  7. Me: let him choose what to watch on Netflix.
    There's always a lot of scifi involved in this.
  8. He: Went out and got me a Robertitos burrito
  9. Me: let him have the last beer in the fridge AND the last piece of lemon cake.