1. Laughing until you pee
  2. Random dance parties with close friends
  3. A much needed cup of coffee
  4. How time tends to stop when you're traveling
  5. Snuggling
  6. A yoga class that feels as if your body has been rung out like a towel
  7. Calm cafes
  8. Reading nonfiction
  9. Reading fiction
  10. The multiple places I call home
    San Diego, USC, West Hollywood
  11. A meaningful conversation with a thoughtful friend
  12. Exploring new interests and topics
    Stand-up comedy, evolving technologies, global affairs
  13. Times when my entire family is together
  14. Trying new restaurants with my mom
  15. Hiking, observing nature
  16. Taking time to introspect and self-analyze
  17. Sushi
  18. Concert-going with good people and a lot of room to dance
  19. Songs that bring you back to warm moments
    Gravity Rides Everything, Fast Cars, anything by the Allman Brothers
  20. How people interpret fashion
  21. California summers
  22. California winters
  23. Catching up with old friends
  24. Shameless lazy days
  25. Delicate gold jewelry
  26. A well-decorated home