Dumb Reasons People Have Been Mad at Me

Don't get me wrong, people do get mad at me for legitimate reasons. These are not legitimate reasons
  1. I fell asleep after taking 2 extra strength allergy pills
  2. I made them return borrowed clothes themselves
  3. I said "ok" to them in a group message
  4. I wore baggy pants
  5. I explained how ADD works
  6. I went to Banff
  7. I went to a party with a girl they didn't like
  8. I tried to sell them a tea from Vietnam
  9. They didn't get 20 cents off their carrots
  10. I yawned
  11. I didn't look excited to be working
    Is anyone excited to be working at a grocery store..?
  12. Rolled my eyes at a coworker, customer thought I rolled my eyes at them
    Actually got fired for this one
  13. Parked too close to them
    They were sitting in their car while it was started and was able to pull through but (obviously) chose to get out of their car and yell at me instead
  14. Didn't agree with them
  15. Didn't eat my meal that I didn't want to order
  16. Didn't eat my stepmother's "blessed bread"
  17. Didn't remember my half brothers birthday
    This one is especially funny since my father basically surprised me with my half brother. I went to his house one day and he was like "this is your half brother!" And I was like oh cool????
  18. Didn't smile at them in the hallway