It's a love hate thing.
  1. Their fragile fucking masculinity
    Holy shit. Ho. Ly. Shit. When I say, "am I right ladies???" And you respond with "haha um.. I'm not a lady :p" my vagina instantly closes shut. I know you aren't a lady.
  2. They're clueless about how female anatomy works.
    If I had a dollar for every time I've given a basic anatomy lesson to a guy, I'd be a fucking millionaire.
  3. They're grossed out by how female anatomy works.
    I think a wet vagina is more gross than a dry vagina, Taylor. DONT BE IGNORANT.
  4. They text you first and then never fucking text back.
    Like, what is the POINT
  5. They make fun of girls who double text
    If you'd just text back then we wouldn't have this fucking problem!!!!
  6. They ignore you completely and get mad when you talk to other people
    Like excUuUuUsE me for choosing not to sulk??
  7. They're petty
    Like okay, yeah, girls may be petty but I have never met anyone more petty than a boy
  8. Mixed fucking signals :)
  9. They don't like me bacm
    Come onnnnnnnn. I'm a treasure! Appreciate me!