1. Putting our plastic cups in a drawer
    The drawer is right next to the fridge, and it's not like plastic cups are going to break. I fail to see the issue here.
  2. Grocery shopping solely for dinner ingredients
    With the exception of bread, eggs, chips, and salsa. I didn't realize that other people kept their pantry stocked with snacks and random ingredients until I visited friends' houses as a child. I relished those escapes to endless junk food.
  3. Crying over commercials
    (This one excludes my dad and brother) I'm not just talking about the "in the arms of an angel" one either. Any semi-sentimental commercial will instantly spark waterworks. The one where the dad folds all his gum wrappers into little cranes for his daughter gets me every time.
  4. Crying over people we don't know
    My mother and I have been long-time watchers of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We cry every time one of their kids gets married, graduates, gets a DUI, etc. We don't even know these people!!!!
  5. Eating dinner at 9pm
  6. Surely there are many more that I haven't found out about yet...